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Amanda Broderick was executed alongside her girl Alyssa Broderick and her sweetheart Willie Simmons II in Austin. She was the ex of the ex-official, Stephan Broderick, the homicide suspect.

Amanda Broderick was booked to meet her ex when the shooting in Austin occurred on April 18, 2021. Alongside her, the other two casualties were Alyssa Boderick and Willie Simmions, both from Elgin High School.

The police showed up at the scene and attempted to CPR the casualties before they were articulated dead. The suspect was meeting his ex for a booked visit to his child when he shot and slaughtered every one of the grown-ups.

The young man was found close to the space safe and was gone to APD. Amanda Broderick was the ex of the suspect, Stephan Broderick. She had petitioned for legal separation last June after a progression of rape claims were charged against the said man.

He was captured in June and was in jail for 16 days before he rescued. Afterward, Amanda Broderick additionally requested a defensive request for her family that precludes Stephan to go 200 yards inside their little girl, Alyssa.

Stephan and Amanda Broderick had 2 youngsters: Alyssa Broderick (received girl) and their child. As indicated by Washingtonpost, Amanda Boderick’s age was 35 years of age at the hour of her demise.

She was born on July 17, 1985. Moreover, Alyssa was 17 and Willie was 18 while the suspect, Stephan was 41 years of age. As of now, no Wikipedia or bio can be found including Amanda Broderick or the shooting.

It was recognized that Amanda Broderick was Hispanic by identity, her little girl, Alyssa was additionally Hispanic while Willie was of Black nationality.

Stephan Broderick was captured on April 19 at 7:30 in Manor after the police had gotten calls about a man strolling along the street. The police detailed that the presume had conformed to them with no opposition or risk of additional lives.

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