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Andrew Winter is a real estate property expert. Also, he is a Tv personality and author. Andrew is a host of a popular show Selling Houses Australia.  Quick Facts: Is Andrew Winter Married ? Wife, Age, Children and Family Facts

NameAndrew Winter
Agemore than 60 years
ProfessionReal estate agent, TV personality

 He started his career in Australia from 2005. Before he used to host a show named selling Houses in Britain. He has been hosting selling houses in Australia since 2008. Also, from 2014 he started to host a be program inside selling houses in Australia where he put the camera inside the house.

10 Facts about Andrew Winter

Andrew is a real estate property expert in Australia. Apart from real estate property expert, he is a TV professional and also Author.

Andrew Winter is married to Caroline Winter. The couple has three beautiful daughters.

Before Australia, he used to live in the UK. In 2005 he moved to Australia from the UK.

Andrew says that he wanted to be an Architect. But, he didn’t want to study. He was interested in real estate because it is linked to houses.

Although he has not disclosed his birthday yet. But we can assume he looks like 45-50 years old. 

Along with ‘The Block judge’ he also co-hosted many popular shows like ‘Love it List it’. He has also written a book ‘Andrew Winter’s Australian Real Estate Guide’ in 2014.

His daughters are 23,26 and 14 years old. Their names are Olivia, Daisy, and Mia.

He says that his daughter Olivia and Daisy don’t want to go on the real estate line. But, he has a feeling his youngest daughter shall walk in his path.

In his leisure time, he loves to go boating and watch TV with his family. Despite that Winter’s family has started laying tennis in their free time.

Becoming a TV personality he doesn’t want to open up in media so Andrew’s net worth income is still unknown.

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