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Jethro Cave is an aspiring actor and model. He is often known as the son of Rock song singer Nick Cave. Quick Facts: Jethro Cave

NameJethro Cave
Height6 feet 1 inch
ParentsNick Cave
SiblingsLuke, Arthur, Earl

Jethro didn’t know what to do his life until graduation. Certainly, he began his career as an Australian model. In an interview, he revealed that he didn’t know his father was Nick Cave.

However, people often accuse him of being a nepotism product. Nonetheless, he is talented and he made a name for himself on his own.

Moreover, he met his father after he turned 8 years old. Until that day, his mother Beau Lazenby raised him and his brothers and sister on her own.

As an actor, he is capable of playing and justifying any challenging roles. He is famous for his work in “My Little Princess”.

10 Facts On Jethro Cave

Jethro Cave is a model and an actor born in Melbourne, Australia. He is known for his acting performance in “My Little Princess”.

He didn’t take any help from his father to enter the showbiz. Though people keep accusing him of nepotism.

Jethro is a good looking model. In fact, he began his career initially as a model. Later, he dived into acting.

Born in the year 1991, he is 29 years old as per 2020. His age may differ a little bit as his exact birthdate is nowhere to be found.

Details regarding his parents are all over media outlets. His father, Nick Cave is a well-known Rock singer in the 90s. Likewise, he is blessed to have a supportive mother whose name is Beau Lazenby.

Moving on to his siblings, he has 2 brothers: Arthur and Luke, and a sister named Earl Cave.

Jethro doesn’t reveal his net worth on media.

He has an official Instagram page.

His height is 6 feet 1 inch.

Like his father, he also has an interest in playing the piano, music, rapping, etc.

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